Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floor

shutterstock_1010859145Hardwood flooring are an attractive feature and investment in your house and it’s very important that you protect them from damage as much as you can. Having pets, children, foot traffic, and other daily injuries your hardwood floor encounters, it can be a tricky task making sure they remain protected. Listed below are a couple of tips to help keep your hardwood floors in the best shape possible:

  1. Leave shoes at the door: When Folks wear shoes they track in dirt.
    Did you know that grime acts like sandpaper against hardwood floors and will scratch them? Making sure nobody wears their sneakers, especially heels in the house — it is the best thing that you can do to protect your flooring.
  2. Use mats, rugs, and runners: Heavy traffic places wear down certain regions of your floors and can be very noticeable. It’s a fantastic idea to lay down some type of protection for entrance points and high traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways.
  3. Clean your hardwood floors properly: Make sure you use a damp mop — excessive water can seep into seems and ruin a hardwood flooring. For sticky spots, wash by hand using a sponge and immediately dry them with a paper tower. Also be certain that you prevent wax or polyurethane polishes. After these products are applied to a floor, you will not have the ability to apply a maintenance coat since it prevents the brand new end from properly sticking.

Make sure you’re following manufacturer recommendations to make certain you are caring for your hardwood flooring correctly and not violating the warranty. Your hardwood flooring expert, Floor Sanding Essex can always be helpful if you have some questions about your floors. Give us a call today, we are happy to help!

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