Advantages of Walnut Hardwood Flooring

American Walnut hardwood is very easy to work with due to its properties. It grips nails well and is easily glued, which will allow you to have options in how you install it. Its grain enables it to be easily sanded and stained to a gorgeous finish.

The domestic version is often sought after as a less-expensive option to red oak hardwood floors. Even though it’s slightly softer than red oak, it’s fairly durable and provides good shock resistance in spite of a Janka rating of 1010. Even though a more expensive option, the Brazilian Walnut hardwood is very durable because of its hardness.

If you are worried about the environment, American Walnut hardwood is thought to be a green choice since it comes from a renewable resource.

Some Benefits of Walnut Hardwood Flooring

The drawback to American Black Walnut hardwood is the fact that it is not advised if you have pets since it has a inclination to be more easily scratched. In case you have pets and actually want this appearance, you may wish to take into account an alternative, such as laminate flooring with the look of American Walnut. If your budget permits then you may even wish to look at visiting all the Brazilian Ipe, which looks like the American Walnut.

Because of the hardness of the Brazilian hardwood, if you intend to install with nails, then you will need to pre-drill your nail holes to avert the prospect of cracking. This is also because, with a harder wood, the grab on the nail isn’t as good as using a somewhat softer wood. This could lead to loose floorboards or creaking in the future. Another choice is to set up your flooring with glue rather than nails.

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